1. Healthy Environments

          From the mountains to the coast, Californias iconic landscapes face threats from climate change, poor urban planning, pollution and invasive species. UC ANR translates research into action creating management strategies for a safer, more climate-resilient California.

          UC ANR Focus Areas

          4-H & Families

          In 4-H we believe in the power of youth. We know that every young person is unique, has strengths and real potential to improve our world. 4-H grows here.

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          Agriculture & Pest Management

          Healthy agricultural systems are essential to our quality of life and economy. We spark innovation and encourage environmentally friendly production practices.

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          Environment & Natural Resources

          Stewardship of California's natural resources water, forests, rangelands is core to our mission, so our landscapes are preserved for generations to come.

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          Food & Health

          We promote healthy people and communities; safe, nutritious and abundant food; and education to make every food choice and every food dollar count.

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          Innovation & Economic Development

          We drive economic prosperity through innovation. We connect people, tools and data to equip communities to prepare for change.

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          Yard & Garden

          We educate Californians to create sustainable gardens and landscapes from growing food to building fire-safe landscapes and making every drop of water count.

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          Join us on our mission

          Since 1914 UC Cooperative Extension has been Californias first incubator; the bridge between local issues and innovative answers through the power of UC research. Cooperating is in our DNA; won't you join us?

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